YDL Aberdare

What a privilege to be able to observe the young athletes of NSAC compete so competently in this wonderful environment. 39 young athletes travelled to this brand new facility in Aberdare, and strengthened their grip at the top of the table with a comprehensive victory.

As always the team managers organised, arranged, tweaked and cajoled the athletes, aiming to get the best combinations to ensure success. As always, the athletes stepped forwards and delivered. Five of the six relays were won by NSAC, showing the importance, and rewarding the time spent emphasising the changeovers. Great to see so many debutantes, not only getting involved, but also contributing massively to the points tally and overall result

The under-13 girls (Year 6 & 7) were represented by 9 athletes.
Running her first event of the season, Eloise E finished 2nd in her 75m sprint with 10.7 seconds, and 2nd in the 800m with 2;51.7 seconds. 
Chloe L-C supported amazingly, finishing 3rd in her 75m with 11.6 seconds, and 4th in the 150m with 23.3 seconds. Ellie S looks to be a talent in the making, running 75m in 11.5 seconds (2nd), 150m in 23.0 seconds (3rd) and 1st in Long jump (3.69m). Lyla B continues her impressive climb up the ladder with a 2nd in the 800m (2;44.7 minutes), 3rd in shot (5.50m) and 1st in Javelin (10.94m). Harriet B is proving to be extremely versatile, running 1200m in 4;27.4 (3rd) and finishing 5th in javelin (12.70m). Emily’s first event of the season also shows promise, a 1st place 4;47.5 minutes for the 1200m.
Combined eventer Rosa F continues to amass points for the team, a 2nd place in the 70m hurdles (13.7 seconds), 2nd in high jump (1.20m) and 2nd in Long Jump (4.15m). Hannah B, a talented discus and hammer thrower (neither are on the program for this age group), supported the team with a 3rd place shot (5.03m). The girls then finished the day with a 60.1 seconds to win their event.

10 under-15 girls (Year 8 & 9) competed; Olivia Y’s speed continues to impress, with a 4th place 100m (13.8 seconds), a 3rd place 200m (29.1 seconds)and a 4th place finish in the 75m hurdles (15.2 seconds). Bonita W showed her versatility with a 2nd place 100m (13.9 seconds),a 1st place in the javelin (19.39m)and a hammer throw of 17.26m for 5th. Holly G’s first event of the year was a huge success, a 2nd place finish in the 100m (13.9 seconds) and a 1st in the 75m hurdles (15.8 seconds).
nother debutante, Caitlin K ran the tough 200m/300m double, finishing 2nd in both (29.9 seconds for 200m, and 50.5 seconds for the 300m). Quality middle-distance runner Keira D returned to the team, comfortably winning the 800m (2;26.2 minutes), and offering superb extra support in the Long Jump (3rd in 4.03m) and 2nd in the 300m (45.1 seconds). Abi B won her 800m race in 2;47.7  minutes, and is not far away from a pole vault debut as training looks promising!
Hanna W, another first-timer, won her high jump with 1.15m, and 4th in the 1500m (6;10.3 minutes).  The combination of speed and bounce always helps when Lily W competes. She was rewarded with a 2nd place in the long jump (3.94m) and a 4th in the high Jump (1.20m). South West Shot Champion Maisie J comfortably won the shot with 9.62m, and then also won the discus with 19.62m, She topped her day off with a  2nd place finish in the Javelin with 25.36m. Relatively new to the Club, but someone who may well figure Regionally, Freya H won the discus with 23.82,and then the shot with 7.58m. Both relay teams won their events, the 4x100m in 55.0 seconds,and 4x300m with 3;24.8 minutes.

An amazing effort by the under-13 boys, with 13 young athletes attending; debutante Ollie H won his 100m (14.3 seconds), then followed this up with 2nd in long jump (3.93m) and 2nd in the 200m (29.7 seconds). Another new face, Leo E, backed Ollie up brilliantly with 2nd place finishes in the 100m (14.8 seconds) and Long Jump (3.05m). Oliver S, also new, finished 2nd in his 100m with 15.4 seconds. Peter B finished 3rd in his 100m with 18.2 seconds. Elliot J has raised eyebrows this year, and he did so once again, winning the 800m with 2;31.3 seconds, and 2nd in the 200m (30.3 seconds).
Cross-Country season brought Joel to everyone’s attention. On the track, he won his 800m (2;42.7minutes) then finished 3rd in high jump (1.05m). Joseph S was 1st in his 800m (2;49.4 minutes) and 2nd in shot (4.14m). Zeki H, another cross-country convert, finished 2nd in his 800m (2;50.2 minutes). Also a 1st in the 75m hurdles with 17.1 seconds. Patrick H, yet another who impressed in the fields during winter, finished 2nd in the 1500m (5;20.3minutes). Harry S, first-time competitor, won his 1500m with 5;54.1 minutes. Impressive Conor H looks comfortable in any event, winning the 75m hurdles with 15.4 seconds, the javelin (19.79m)and then 3rd in the high jump (1.25m). Great to see Ben G-R getting involved, winning the shot with 6.64m, and then 3rd in the javelin 10.27m.
The 4x100m relay won their race with some smooth changeovers, in 58.4seconds.

 With just 7 athletes available for the under-15 boys team, this could have been a problem. However, all boys stepped up, and scored plenty of ‘extra’ points in unfamiliar events.
Chris R had a busy day, 2nd place in the 100m (12.2 seconds), and the 200m (25.3 seconds) and 300m (40.4 seconds),high quality runs in all events. Joseph P, another ‘newbie’ made a huge impression.  He achieved 1st in the 200m (26.2 seconds) and the 300m (40.2 seconds) and 3rd in the long jump, this was indeed an impressive debut. Ollie C is always ultra-competitive, and a 2nd place in the 800m (2;13.8 minutes) was backed-up with a discus victory (14.27m). Will M looks to have found his distance, with a well-judged 800m win in 2;19.6 minutes a pleasing result.
Will S had a busy afternoon. An 800m win (2;33.2 minutes), a 4th in the javelin (17.33m) and a 6th in the javelin (17.33m) scores plenty of points for the team. Always willing to help out, Louie B is a favourite to many. A 4th in his preferred event 1500m (4;51.2 minutes) was followed by a 1st in High Jump (1.25m) and a 2nd place in the javelin (6.20m). Oliver A is always near the top, no matter what event you throw him into! A 2nd in the high jump (1.56m), a 2nd in the 1500m (5;05.1 minutes) and a 5th in the discus (15.76m).

The 4x300m relay team not only won their event (2;49.2 minutes), but also the Club record!
The 4x100m relay team finished 2nd with 55.4 seconds.

A great day had by all, and some well-earned results from Athletes who have worked hard all winter… reaping the rewards of their hard work!