Track & Field Athletes

Training offered by the club, at our custom-built facility at Clevedon School, aims to develop athletic skills in events chosen by our members to allow them to compete against other athletes of similar ability and age.

Our international athletes include, with year of winning first ‘vest’:
* 2023: George Leite: England, Junior age-group Shot Put:
* 2021: Maddie Follett, GB, Modern Pentathlon
* 2018: Pippa Mannings, CP, Sprints
* 2015: Nick Marsh, CP, Sprints
* 2014: Ada’ora Chigbo, GB, High Jump, Heptathlon and Pentathlon
* 2008: Bethan Wakefield, Wales, Sprints
* 2005: Chris Millard, GB Masters, Sprints

Recent athlete/coach awards include:
* 2023: George Leite, South West Athletics Junior Male Athlete of the Year:
* 2021: Bruce Holden, South West Athletics Coach of the Year
* 2019: Chris Millard, South West Athletics Coach of the Year

The club currently offers sessions for intermediate and advanced athletes covering speed development, core and strength conditioning on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings, at Clevedon.

There are also ‘Invite Only’ sessions for Hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Discus and Shot Put.

Experience our training sessions for yourself by signing up for a Free Trial or use our contact form for further information.

Head over here to learn more about our Young Athletes or Endurance team.

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