As a club with our members at our very hearts, nothing means more to us than the feedback from the people who drive us. We are very proud to share some of the amazing feedback we have received from Athletes and Parents. Please keep providing us with feedback, good or constructive, so we can continue to try and be the best club we can be, and deliver the very best we can to all involved.

“I just want to say that I think the athletics coaching you have given to our lads over the years has always been amazing but that, during this terrible Covid time, the skills you have given them have been even more valuable in ways that nobody could have foreseen. They have had the discipline, resilience and motivation to keep on training. They have also got an incredible social boost out of the group training sessions you have been able to offer when it has been allowed. I think you deserve a medal!! All these skills you have given to all these young people will have helped them all to stay higher on the (very topical) mental health scale. NSAC are providing an incredibly valuable service to the community. Their School has not really done much to support the majority of regular kids and in fact are putting a lot of extra pressure on them all. It means the opportunities and athletics training provided by NSAC are even more important than normal. Once again…. Many thanks Chris to you and all your team.” JD & KD (parents)

The club has been far bigger than just “athletics” to me. It’s not just about the fitness and the technique you build, but the mental strength I have gained from the club. The dreaded winter training is hell, but somehow I still turn up every week regardless of wind or rain (even snow sometimes) and train my hardest even when my mind is telling me not too, as both Sophie and Chris will cheer you on to complete that final lap of super 10, even if it means running around it with you. The amount of care they show for each individual athlete is inspiring, as they want you to achieve just as much as you do yourself. Over the years of being at the club I have formed friendships which are stronger than most and will last a life time. Even though many have come from different areas a Wednesday night for me is so enjoyable as I can catch up and spend time with my friends I have formed just by joining this club. The work and time they put into everything they do creates such a unique atmosphere I’ve never found anywhere else – HB (athlete)

The club provides opportunities for fitness, friendship, fun and competition. Meeting children from different schools creates new friendships and networks, helping athletes find their tribe. At NSAC the wide range of events offered, coaches with specialist expertise, allows children to try a range of track and field events. Representing the club at competitions teaches skills relating to successes and setbacks, and how to engender positive behaviours that go with this; some days go as planned and others don’t go so well. Young leaders and coaches, as role models encourage and give confidence to athletes. Thanks NSAC for all that you do – TT (parent)

We could not be more impressed with the level of coaching and commitment shown by the coaches at North Somerset Athletics. Our son has been attending training sessions for several years and now both our daughters have joined as well. We have seen huge improvements in their abilities but more importantly they have really increased in confidence and its been great for them to make friends with children from different schools. Chris Millard and the other coaches are brilliant with the kids and manage to make it enjoyable even if its cold and pouring down with rain! Along with the training, the club has provided them with fantastic opportunities to compete in inter-area cross country races which has greatly increased their confidence and skills and given them a real love for running – WM (parent)

I really like North Somerset athletics because I really enjoy it and since I have started I feel like I have really improved. I have also made loads of new friends and it has given me loads of opportunities to do more running (cross country and track and field) – JM (Athlete)

Athletics is the best part of my week. Chris and all the other coaches make it so fun and have helped me improve loads – HM (Athlete)

NSAC provides a safe fun environment where you get the opportunity to try & develop in all track & field events. The coaches that they have are recognised as being among the best in the country giving all athletes & potential national & international athletes the opportunity to excel. The club also encourages team work & builds self-confidence from the age of 8 – adult. Teenagers are given the opportunity of becoming ambassadors where they can develop their leadship/coaching skills for them to be able to train and mentor the younger members of the club – CD (Parent)

I’ve only been a member of the club for just over a year but have done so much in that time. I’ve always played football and thought that was my sport but after a conversation with a friend at school I thought I would go along to athletics. I knew I was fast but didn’t realise how fast until I started training. I’ve travelled to different parts of the country representing the club at 100, 200 and relay, I help with the younger children at training and have even completed a coaching assistant course run by England Athletics all arranged by Chris and his team. I have made so many friends and really enjoy my training sessions – SP (Athlete)

I have seen a massive difference in my son since starting athletics. He has always played sport but was never in with the ‘in’ crowd. I know this doesn’t matter in life but I could see it mattered to him. However, he has now gained so much confidence from athletics. The club is so welcoming, inclusive and friendly with great, strong, positive role models. My son has blossomed and made many friends and for that I am very grateful – DH (parent)

“Athletics is so fun and my favourite is long jump because I get so much support from the coaches. I make great friendships and there are loads of fun events.” – MC (Athlete)

NSAC has provided great coaching for my daughter to achieve in local and regional competitions. Having athletics has been a real release from the pressures of school work. It is a friendly, supportive club and has also given her opportunities to develop leadership and coaching skills – FG (Parent)

I enjoy the club, I have made many new friends and enjoy being able to try out different activities – NH (Athlete)

NSAC is an amazing club to be a part of, the coaches are dedicated and enthusiastic, encouraging and inspiring athletes in all areas. My daughter has been a member for 7 years, it has helped her not only with her athletics but with her confidence and self esteem. Her athletic skills have developed way beyond what we thought they would. She has participated in several events and competitions where the atmosphere is always friendly and positive – KH (Parent)

My son has recently started at NSAC, he was nervous about joining, but after just one week he was keen to return and had already made a new friend. I believe this was due to the coaches and also to their young ambassadors who work alongside the children continuously encouraging them which has enabled him to tackle activities he thought he couldn’t do before, he is so proud of his new achievements – RH (Parent)

I have been involved with NSAC since bumping into Chris the Head Coach at a primary schools xc event. My eldest daughter joined the club and I was encouraged to help. Coming from a rugby playing and coaching background I had no athletic qualification but was welcomed and made to feel valued straight away. My youngest daughter has since joined and I have gained a qualification which the club helped me achieve. It is now over 7 years and in that time I personally have been inspired to run 5k, 10k half marathon and half Ironman. Being part of a group where we have taken over 50 kids from 12-18 away for training weekends and running regularly with 25+ kids through the streets and woods of Clevedon where passers-by smile and applaud is so rewarding. I’m extremely proud of the club and what it represents – fun, good health, commitment, team-building, competition, respect to name a few. Long may it continue – PR (parent)

Chris, A few honest thoughts. In creating NSAC You have created a fantastic platform for kids to grow. Having known you for over 30 years and learned about some of the issues you have had. I’m so glad you took the decision to do this. I doff my hat to you my friend – PR (parent)

Attending NSAC for several years has enabled me to stay fit, build confidence through competitions and develop my coaching skills by helping with younger age groups. The opportunities available through the club are significant – BH (athlete)

My sons have been attending the athletics holiday club for the last 3 years and they love it. Every time I collect them, they are always smiling and are looking forward to the next session. Chris is very professional and a friendly coach. In addition, my eldest son is a club member and has made loads of friends and tremendous progress in his fitness and running. I would highly recommend the athletics club to anyone who wants to get active. – SC (parent)

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