A record-breaking day’s Athletics at Cardiff Mets’ amazing indoor arena for North Somerset AC’s young athletes on Day 1 of the South West Indoor T&F Championships.

Twenty two athletes attended, many for their first taste of serious competition, and returned with nineteen medals. Highlight may well have been the full podium for the under-13 boys 200m, and shortly afterwards the High Jump!

There were gold medals for:

Steph B           U17 Women 300m
Alfie L              U13 Boys High Jump
Reuben W     U13 Boys 200m

Full results;

Under-13 Boys
Alfie L               High Jump Gold 1.30m          200m Bronze 31.31 secs
Reuben W      200m Gold 29.36 secs           High Jump Silver 1.25m                                         Shot Silver 6.60m
Adam D           200m Silver 29.54 secs          High Jump Bronze 1.25m                                   Shot Bronze 5.39m

Under-13 Girls
Amelie T         200m Silver 31.04 secs          Long Jump Silver 3.84m                                      High Jump Silver 1.30m
Eva G               200m 4th 31.51 secs                Long Jump 9th 3.19m
Jasmine W    200m 5th 32.03 secs               Long Jump 10th 3.07m
Chloe LC        200m 6th 32.66 secs                Long Jump 7th 3.31m
Pippa H           Long Jump 8th 3.19m

Under-15 Boys
George I       High Jump Silver 1.50m          Shot 4th 7.15m                                                        200m 6th 27.87 secs
Tom C            Shot Silver 8.15m                   High Jump Bronze 1.45m
Conor H       Shot Bronze 5.66m                 300m 4th 46.73 secs                                              High Jump 6th 1.35m

Under-15 Girls
Rosa F           Long Jump 7th 4.16m             300m 11th 54.61 secs
Ruby D         High Jump 4th 1.40m              Long Jump 8th 4.08m
Ellie S            Long Jump 10th 3.84m          200m 12th 30.68 secs
Chelsea H    High Jump 7th 1.25m            200m 9th 29.94 secs                                              Long Jump 11th 3.80m
Issy T            High jump 8th 1.20m             300m 8th 49.33 secs                                                200m 13th 20.75 secs

Under-17 Men
Harrison G     200m Silver 24.00 secs          High jump Bronze 1.60m
Adam R             200m 5th 24.98 secs
Sam P                 200m 6th 25.14 secs

Under-17 Women
Steph B             300m Gold 43.16 secs          Triple Jump Bronze 10.50m                                200m 4th 27.20 secs
Millie R              High Jump 5th 1.40m
Phoebe G          High Jump 4th 1.50m          Triple Jump 5th 9.90m

Day 2 of the event will be just after Christmas, details to follow.