Can all parents and athletes be aware of their individual and collective responsibility around NSAC training. Please take this seriously for the foreseeable future, and we can all come out of this ‘unscathed’. This may be different from other clubs and schools, so please stick to this when training with NSAC.


No hanging around before or after training. Aim to arrive on time, drop athletes, then leave site and return in time for pick-up (unless helping at session)
Athletes to sanitise their hands as they arrive, and registers will be taken
No parents hanging around at training. If you aren’t helping out, then unfortunately we cannot have you in the area at the moment
Athletes to stay 2m apart. No wrestling, fighting, leaning etc. Maintain your distance!
You MUST listen to Coaches at all time. This should happen anyway, but even more important at the moment!
England Athletics info on covid-security can be found on and

Please do not train if you have/may have/have been close to anyone who has COVID. Advise us if you are being asked to isolate etc so we can decide on how to proceed