Return To Training – Priory

We hope you have had a nice summer and are looking forward to some sort of normality!  Please read this email carefully as it has important information relating to return to training.

Our aim is to return to training at Priory school on Wednesday 9thSeptember, we are waiting for final confirmation from Priory School.  If we are unable to start on this date we will let you know.

Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the  propsed session start time and parents must bring the athletes to the Red gra – if you park in the gravel car park and use the wooden gate towards the Red gra and hockey pitch we will be there for registration.  Each athlete will need to sign in and use the hand sanitiser before starting their session.  We would like to give a quick talk to both athletes and parents so please don’t just drop your athlete in the car park.  For the senior session – please keep away from the junior athletes, the sessions must be kept separate.  Please remember there are no toilet facilities available on site for us to use.

As we do not have any access to the buildings please ensure that your athlete is wearing clothing appropriate for the weather and that they have a drink container – with a drink in it.  If they have a yoga mat, or similar, please bring this along, when we do cool down it will be far nicer if they have something to lie on rather than just the grass (wet) or Red gra.  Ideally drinks etc should be brought in a bag so athletes are not picking up each other’s belongings.  If your athlete has a fluorescent running bib please could this be brought along as well?  We are waiting for our order to arrive and in the present situation we cannot let more than one athlete use a bib.  For the first session we will be remaining on site for the whole time – this will give us chance to see how everyone is getting on and for the athletes who wish to train on endurance the chance for us to see which groups that they would need to be in for the forthcoming weeks.

Please can you log into your Club Buzz record and check that your address and contact details are correct – these must be accurate in case we need to update track and trace.  By attending training you are giving us permission to provide the details to the relevant parties, should it become necessary.  This is the link to the log on screen:

These are the details for our current practises for return to training, should guidance be updated we will review the practises and let you know of any changes:

1) Do not attend if you/household member has (including within the past 14 days) any of the symptoms of coronavirus, as set out on the NHS Website, from time to time,  including without limitation a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to sense of smell or taste.  If anyone in your household is self-isolating please do not attend any sessions within North Somerset Athletic Club.

2) Athletes to report to ‘registration team’ on arrival, where they will be checked in. Athletes must sanitise their hands prior to entering training area. Please aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before session start time so we can get this organised efficiently.
3) Anyone not on the session register (not received ‘request’ from parents) will not be allowed to train. We need to have ‘perfect’ admin around training ‘just in case’.
4) Social distancing whenever possible (2m). Coaches will oversee this, but athletes also need to be aware/independently supporting.
5) We will have wipes, sanitiser and sprays available for use whenever we/athletes feel it is needed during the session.
6) We will not be using equipment that may be shared/passed (throws, batons, etc).
7) We will not be carrying out ‘tag-like’ games.
8) Athletes not to touch anything that does not belong to them (eg drinks bottles).
9) Athletes not to touch equipment (hurdles, cones, fence, walls etc), and if they do then spray and wipe area/sanitise hands before continuing.
10) Maximum numbers at each session to be 20/40. We CANNOT accept any more than this at a single session due to current restrictions.
11) Athletes to sign out with ‘registration team’ where they will once again be given a squirt of sanitiser.
12) Anyone not adhering to these guidelines will be removed from training, if it continues we will have to review training for the athlete/s concerned.

It has also been brought to our attention that dogs are not allowed to be brought onto the school site, this does include the Red gra and field area, please could you ensure that this does not happen.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the return to training, things will be different and we ask you to bear with us as we adapt our usual training sessions to accommodate the current situation.