Our Clevedon to Tokyo Challenge!!

We are launching our next challenge for you, and we are hopeful that this is one the whole family can get involved with!

As a Club, we want to cover the distance from Clevedon, to the venue of 2021 Olympics … Tokyo.

We challenge you and your family to join us as we attempt to cover the 6,004 miles between these two locations.

Want to join in?

More details of this endeavour, including recommended distances for age and details of how to keep us in the loop on the mileage you’ve covered can be found  here.

Go for a walk as a family? Amazing, if four of you go for a two mile walk, that’s eight miles covered! Take photos, walk/run interesting routes, draw pictures with the paths you take, share with us everything you’re getting up to.

We want to cover the distance as quickly as possible , can you help?