No medals but a host of impressive individual performances that should boost the athletes confidence for the XC season.

Figures after names are their times, figures in brackets are their times at the Midland Relays 2 weeks ago.
12 out of 16 improved their times.
11 out of 16 finished in the top half of their age group
4 athletes, Lucy, Sam, Alice and Lauren finished in the top 40 in their age groups

We are starting to get quality strength in depth, we entered more teams than Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Wells and Stroud

U13G 20th out of 49 teams and 158 athletes

Lucy 15.21 (16.03) 35th overall
Rosie 15.43 (15.51) 53rd overall
Maisie Squire 16.63 =102nd overall

Great performances from everyone especially Lucy (44 secs quicker than at Midlands Relays) and Maisie Squire

U13B 6th out of 46 teams and 155 athletes

Sam 14.05 (14.14) 12th overall
Alex Collins 14.23 (14.54) =24th overall
Ollie 15.01 (15.36) =59th overall

Everyone ran out of their skin.

U15G 17th out of 66 teams and 220 athletes

Alice 14.22 (14.36) 21st overall
Sara 15.17 (15.00) 78th overall
Hattie 15.02 (15.01) 62nd overall

A very tough age group

Lauren 14.37 (15.03) =35th
Lizzie 16.00 (16.04) =128th

Lauren produced an unbelievable run

U15B 31st out of 55 teams and 182 athletes

Matt 13.35 (13.41) 71st overall
Callum 14.12 (14.43) 123rd overall
Jaylan 14.07 (14.16) 114th overall

Probably the toughest age group, some of the leading boys looked like men! Solid performances all round.

U17B 25th out of 49 teams and 171 athletes

Joe 13.01 (12.57) =72th overall
David 13.17 (13.07) = 96th overall
Mike Proffitt 13.16 (13.39) 95th overall