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The Club Joining fee is £20. This is the fee payable for all members of the club, and does not include your training fees. 

Please read our Membership Declaration before completing your online registration

Please fill in the NSAC kit order form and either return to Lead Coaches at your session, or email to place the order. There is also more kit available to purchase, which can be viewed here.

Members of North Somerset Athletic Club experience many benefits. Please click here to see some of the benefits of being an NSAC Member.

Please direct any queries to

When paying into the Club’s account, please use the athlete’s name as the reference.


Whilst your child is training with North Somerset Athletic Club quarterly fees must be paid throughout the year.  Training is available to all athletes all year round and fees must be paid during the holidays as well.

If your child decides that they would like to leave the Club we ask that written/email notification is given to the coach before the last session is attended.  Once the date of leaving has been confirmed we would then ask you to ensure that all fees are paid up to date before you cancel the standing order payments.   The Club is unable to cancel a standing order and it is your responsibility to ensure that this has been done, monies paid after leaving will not be refunded.

Should your child be asked to leave, you will forfeit their fees for the balance of that quarter.  Any subsequent quarters (if paid annually) will be refunded. Please click here to see our Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents & our Leaving & Refund Policy


We request that if you are unable to train for a few weeks (injury,  illness, holiday, or just plain ‘not available’), you contact the Lead Coach at your training session. If you miss training for four consecutive weeks, and we have not heard from you, then we will assume you no longer wish to continue training and remove you from registers. This enables us to keep our Waiting Lists moving


Our policy around injuries is that injured/ill Athletes need to continue paying training fees to keep their place within NSAC. If you are injured/ill for several (3+) months (operation, Doctor’s orders etc) then please contact us and we will discuss. Generally, it’s as above…

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