London Marathon

For the 2024 event, the committee have awarded the club’s place to run the London Marathon to Sophie Millard, one of the initial members of the club when it was founded 20 years ago. Sophie also coaches Saturday morning sessions at Clevedon School.

Previous members to have run the marathon include:

  • 2023: Richard Finch
  • 2022: Pauline Brunsdon
  • 2021: Oliver Lock
  • 2019: Graham Brooks

Selection criteria used by the committee to award a place:

  • You must be a fully paid-up, first claim senior (18 and over) member of the club (London Marathon rules)
  • Membership fees must be paid in January, in advance of submitting entry information
  • You will be responsible for paying the entry fee for the event directly to the London Marathon organizers
  • All other expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are to be paid by the successful applicant
  • When running the marathon you should wear a NSAC vest, or one for the charity which the club supports
  • To provide information and photos so that your journey to running the marathon is recorded on the club website

If you would like to be considered to run the London Marathon representing the club, drop us a line via our contact form.

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