London Marathon Place

Allocation of London Marathon Place for Clubs

Each year we can apply for a Club place for the London Marathon for the following April. If we are awarded a place, we will then open this up to members of the Club, following the criteria below and contact all athletes who meet the criteria and ask them to apply to be considered for the place. The place will be decided by the committee (priority given to members who already volunteer):

1. You must be a fully paid up first claim senior (18 and over) member of the Club (London Marathon rules).

2. You must have paid your membership/training fees for the current year and pay your renewal fees for the year you are looking to run the Marathon in – the renewal fees will need to be paid in early January before we release all the entry information to the successful athlete.

3. You will need to pay the entry fee directly to London Marathon when you accept the place.

4. You must run the Marathon wearing a NSAC vest – unless you are supporting a Charity that asks you to wear their vest.

5. All other fees relating to the Marathon – transport/hotel etc.


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