Gwent XC League – 1 @ Pembrey Park

Results from Gwent XC at Pembrey Park.

Under-11 boys – Team 6th out of 30
Toby B 4th out of 78
Ted H 24th
Harry S 38th
Cameron J 73rd

Under-11 girls – Team 5th out of 32
Lucy B 1st out of 84
Abigail H 10th
Annie H 16th

Under-13 boys – A team 1st out of 33, B team 6th, C team 21st
Ollie F 4th out of 77
Olly S 8th
Ed S 14th
Sam B 16th
Killy F 18th
Henry H 37th
James H 49th
George H 52nd
Thomas S 54th
Arthur S 56th

Under-13 girls – team 12th out of 33
Blythe M 16th out of 94
Amelia H 44th
Eva W 65th

Under-15 boys – team 3rd out of 21
Leo D 6th out of 59
James B 9th
Felix A 18th
Ewan H 40th

Under-15 girls – team 12th out of 28
Francesca P – 32nd out of 71
Tabitha M – 40th
Evie B – 49th

Under-17 men – A team 2nd out of 20, B team 7th
Patrick H 5th out of 44
Ben C 6th
Stan B 13th
Joseph S 19th
Joel M 26th
Elliot J 27th
Jacob F 28th
Jude W 37th

Under-17 women – team 5th out of 19
Talia H 4th out of 41
Pippa H 13th

Under-20 men – team 11th out of 15
Kyle B 18th out of 27

Senior Men – team 22nd out of 107 – 4th in division 2
Will C 41st out of 439
Callum D 91st
Max D 104th
Russ F 205th
Nick F 235th
Alex C 267th
Ben M 292nd
Craig A 293rd
Andrew S 318th

Senior women – 20th out of 77
Helen F 33rd out of 286
Celia M 54th
Wendy M 124th
Georgina H 183
Jemma W 213rd