Gwent XC – 2 @ Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

High standard of competition, thanks to the National Cross-Challenge being incorporated within the event. Our teams, as ever, produced some excellent performances.

Wins for Lucy B (u11 girls) and Ellie W (Senior women) the highlights of the day, with other superb performances from Isabella M (2nd u11 girls), Alex R (3rd u13 boys), Leo D (2nd u15 boys)

From a team perspective, there’s a genuine chance that we could get 6-7 of our junior teams onto the podium at the end of the season, with the potential for 2-3 to win their categories. Bring on Blaise Castle!!!

As always, massive thank you to all coaches and support team

Under-11 boys – ‘A’ Team 5th out of 41 (3rd on the day), ‘B’ team 22nd, ‘C’ team 39th
Toby B 8th out of 116
Oscar R 12th
Arthur C 31st
Ted H 37th
Henry W 38th
George J 62nd
Harry S 64th
Ivor P 85th
Cameron J 101st

Under-11 girls – ‘ A’ team 4th out of 42 (1st on the day), ‘B’ team 28th
Lucy B 1st out of 99
Isabella M 2nd
Abigail H 9th
Nicole F 30th
Isabelle R 41st
Annie H 62nd

Under-13 boys – ‘A’ team 1st out of 39 – ‘B’ team 5th, ‘C’ team 15th
Alex R 3rd out of 90
Joel W 5th
Oliver F 6th
Olly S 7th
Ed S 14th
Sam B 17th
Killy F 24th
Henry H 45th
James H 47th
Thomas S 54th
Henry M 55th
George H 73rd

Under-13 girls – ‘A’ team 10th out of 40 (8th on the day) – ‘B’ team 38th
Iris B-L 8th out of 96
Blythe M 30th
Eva W 46th
Annabelle E 64th
Sophie L 83rd

Under-15 boys – ‘A’ team 3rd out of 27- ‘B’ team 15th
Leo D 2nd out of 57
James B 12th
Felix A 20th
Cian R 27th
Euan M 33rd
Ewan H 39th

Under-15 girls – ‘A’ team 6th out of 36 – ‘B’ team 25th
Heidi M 22nd out of 84
Lilia B-L 25th
Francesca P 31st
Thea F 42nd
Olive L 48th
Tabitha M 76th

Under-17 men – ‘A’ team 2nd out of 24 – ‘B’ team 7th, ‘C’ team 19th
Reuben W 5th out of 55
Ben C 8th
Patrick H 14th
Stan B 24th
Joe S 25th
Elliot J 26th
Archie R 30th
Joel M 32nd
Jude W 40th
Conor H 51st

Under-17 women A’ team 3rd out of 20
Talia H 6th out of 38
Felicity L 9th
Pippa H 18th

Under-20 men – A’ team 9th out of 28
Sam H 9th out of 20

Senior men – ‘A’ team 14th out of 148 teams – top of division 2
Joe G 21st out of 570
Jack W 30th
Will C 48th
Ollie L 171st
Callum D 192nd
James F 193rd
Kyle B 245th
Nick F 329th
Craig A 388th
Ben M 396th
Matt M 472nd

Senior women A’ team 23rd out of 109
Ellie W 1st out of 387
Helen F 107th
Celia M 124th
Wendy M 212th
Sorrel L-H 260th
Hannah P 272nd
Georgina H 280th
Jemma W 317th

Women’s invitational elite mile
Keira D 11th