Gwent Cross-Country @ Blaise Castle

Results from the Blaise Castle Gwent cross-country event make excellent reading for NSAC. Another amazing turn-out, and top results from the u11 youngsters through to the seniors. Weather in complete contrast to last year’s event, with sunny mild conditions.

Girls u11 (1st on the day)
Overall after 2 fixtures – A’ team 4th, ‘B’ team 15th, ‘C’ team 23rd, ‘D’ team 33rd

Blythe M 2nd out of 92
Matilda H 4th
Imogen W 17th
Lucy B 18th
Annabelle E 29th
Isabella M 47th
April H 48th
Annie H 49th
Eva W 55th
Rosie W-P 57th
Tilly T 67th
Enid S 72nd
Annie P 73rd 

May be an image of 13 people, people standing, outdoors and tree
Under-11 squad

Boys u11 (1st on the day)
Overall after 2 fixtures – A’ team 1st, ‘B’ team 4th, ‘C’ team 13th

Ollie F 2nd out of 91
Ed S 3rd
Sam B 6th
Killy F 20th
George F 23rd
Henry H 24th
Will M 27th
George B 31st
Jeremy C 33rd
Logan Q 37th
Kobie S 50th 

Girls u13 (3rd on the day)
Overall after 2 fixtures – A’ team 3rd, ‘B’ team 16th, ‘C’ team 36th

Heidi M 3rd out of 73
Lucy P 26th
Olive L 30th
Tabitha M 35th
Ottelie S-H 36th
Martha H 41st
Amelia H 42nd
Olivia C 52nd
Xanthe L 64th
Megan H 66th
Chloe C 71st 

Under-13 boys – 3rd in the day
Overall ‘after 2 fixtures- ‘A’ team 4th, ‘B’ team 17th, ‘C’ team 22nd, ‘D’ team 34th
Euan M 11th out of 72
Alex R 15th
Ewan H 20th
Somerset H 37th
Henry M 38th
Xavier K 44th
James H 49th
George P 51st
Rory P 53rd
Arthur S 54th
George H 55th
Jack W-P 57th
Robert A 60th 

May be an image of 9 people, people standing and outdoors
Under-13 boys

Girls u15 8th on the day
Overall ‘A’ team 13th after 2 fixtures, ‘B’ team 32nd

Pippa H 18th out of 69
Jasmine W 37th
Natasha B 45th
Francesca P 51st
Evie B 59th

Under-15 girls

Boys u15 1st on the day
Overall ‘A’ team 1st after 2 fixtures, ‘B’ team 4th, ‘C’ team 15th, ‘D’ team 34th

Ben C 3rd out of 76
Reuben W 6th
Leo D 11th
Seb L 15th
Felix A 21st
Stan B 27th
James B 30th
Will L 33rd
Leo E 34th
Archie R 41st
Niko S 44th
Krishan T-P 58th
Finn P 76th

Women u17 6th on the day
Overall ‘A’ team 8th overall after 2 fixtures

Talia H 6th out of 32
Mia D 15th

Men U17 5th on the day
Overall ‘A’ team 5th overall after 2 fixtures, ‘B’ team 13th

Patrick H 9th out of 44
Elliot J 21st
Kyle B 27th
Alex B 30th
Joe S 34th
Jude W 36th

Under-17 men

U20 women
Alice BM 7th out of 21

Senior women
Helen F 59th out of 320
Celia M 74th

Senior men – top of division 3
U23 team 4th overall

Joe G 7th overall out of 426
Alan B 23rd overall & 4th M40
Will C 24th & 6th u23
Callum D 118th
Russ F 126th & 8th M45
Harry S 136th
Max D 173rd
Stan H 217th
Ben M 227nd