The clubs Endurance Squad recently returned from a training camp at Port Eynon on the Gower coast. This  was a first for the club and proved to be a  fantastic success, with every aspect of our weekend away far exceeding expectations.

Huge thanks to the coaches and helpers whose efforts ensured everything ran smoothly without any hitches. However a special mention must go to Luke and Ellie Murray who fed all 35 of us with amazing fare, and Luke in particular must have been exhausted after the weekend. When he wasn’t coaching the athletes he was either in the kitchen or putting extra miles in along the coast paths in preparation for the Manchester Marathon.

The athletes were a credit to themselves, you as parents and the name of our club. Everyone took part in all 5 training sessions and although they must have been shattered when they arrived home their commitment was second to none.  They all had down time for rest and play and their behavior in and outside of the accommodation was exemplary.

I asked the athletes to send me their favourite memory/aspect of the weekend, so here are a few:

“I absolutely loved the weekend and my favourite memory was the sand dunes, because running down them was so fast and fun. Also running on top of mountains on Saturday because it made me feel free” (Harrison)

“My favourite moment was when I was running as fast as I could down the massive sand dune. My legs took control and I was going so fast it felt like I was flying. It was incredible and good fun! I hope to be able to do it again!” (Emile)

“I had an amazing time and thank you very much for organising it. I would love to do it again next year! My favourite aspect was the sand dunes, it was so fun but also challenging and it was brilliant that we all worked together as a team never leaving a man behind and always encouraging each other to persevere. Thanks again I really had a wonderful time!” (Ellie)

 My favourite part of the training camp was the run up the huge hill on Saturday in a field with sheep, the view from the top of the hill was beautiful and the run was challenging, but I felt great when I got to the top”. (Steph)

Some great memories for all of us and I know they are all itching to do it all again next year!       (see gallery in ‘News’ tab above for photos)