Gloucester Open

12 athletes, 8 personal bests and an NSAC record! Highlight of the meeting was an M50 club record for Coach Julian Emery. His first track 3000m in 10 years!

Ben C 800m u17 2:09.3 mins pb
Keira D 800m u17 2:16.5 mins
Jacob F 800m u17 2:14.0 mins pb
Joe F 800m u15 2:19.7 mins pb
Felix A 800m u15 2:25.8 mins pb
Leo D 800m u15 2:26.7 mins pb
Nicholas P 800m u17 2:27.1 mins pb
James R 800m u17 2:24.7 mins pb
Pippa H 800m u15 2:43.6 mins pb
Amelia H 800m u13 2:59.5 mins
Ellie Wallace 3000m u23 9:35.7 mins
Julian Emery 3000m m50 10:15.3 mins *NSAC record*