General Training Safety Notice

A note from the Club Welfare Officer:

I am the North Somerset Athletic Club Welfare Officer and have
been looking at our Safeguarding practices. One area that needs
addressing is arrival and departure from training sessions. All
athletes are required to register their attendance and report to
the Coach in charge. It is expected that all under 16s should be
delivered to training by a parent, or responsible adult, who will
hand over to the Coach.
At the end of the session a responsible adult should collect
athletes from the Coach or helper. I am sure you will understand
that the safety of our young members is paramount and this is one
way in which we can all contribute to this.
There may be situations where a young athlete makes their own way
to training. We would appreciate confirmation that this is with
permission of the parent or responsible adult: please send an
email or letter to explain.
If you have any concerns or queries I would be keen to hear from

Penny Mannings