NSAC 24 Hour Pier Relay 2020

This is it, the Official launch of the 2023 24 Hour Pier Relay!


North Somerset Athletic Club and Academy will be running the event for the seventh time over the weekend of March 11th/12th 2023. The event starts at 12noon on Saturday and continues until 12noon on Sunday. The aim of the event is;

  • To keep at least one mock Olympic flame moving for the duration
  • A great team-building exercise
  • To raise awareness of Athletics in North Somerset
  • To raise money towards phase 3 of our Athletics facility in Clevedon, and equipment purchase – PLUS MINIMUM 20% DONATION TO CHILDRENS HOSPICE SOUTH WEST.

We request that all Athletes try to get involved in this, as the previous six events have proved to be extremely special. It was talked about for months afterwards!
“The best thing I’ve ever done in sport” CM 2012
“What a memory this will be for my children” LP 2012


We have decided to go for a ‘Be loud and proud’ theme. Come dressed in bright clothes. Add face paints, and headwear. Speak to friends and co-ordinate! Prizes for best individual/group effort!


  • Organise a group of friends from within NSAA/NSAC (no guests please, as this is a special event for Members and families only. All family members welcome to join in at no extra cost!)
  • Decide on the best time for you to be involved. Email chrisbtg@blueyonder.co.uk  with the list of names, and your preferred time. If you can’t find anyone else to come with, then just email me your preferred time. There will be 10-12 Athletes minimum each hour, so plenty to work with! We will attempt to spread Athletes evenly throughout the 24 hours, so once we have an hour ‘filled’ (ie 20 per hour) then we will ask others to look at other times. I will update this as we get nearer, letting you know what hours are filled, and which are empty!
  • Download Sponsor form, and set up Justgiving (see below). Set a goal for yourself (distance or number of laps) and let everyone know (friends, family, teammates, school friends, teachers etc!) Start to fundraise!


Set up your JustGiving page to start collecting donations online.  Click here to see our guide to setting up your online donations page.

If you are collecting sponsorship offline, please click here to download our sponsorship form.


The big hours are the first and last, this is when we will most likely see tv/celebrity support. If you have enjoyed your effort, then you are welcome to come back and join in again, or join us for the last hour to celebrate the success!


Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your ‘stint’ (allowing for parking etc in WSM). Come to the Registration area, introduce yourselves, and prepare for your effort. This is not a race. No-one is going to be pushing you to do more than you want. Take the flame around as many or as few times as you wish within the time allotted. Walk, skip, jog, dance, anything that keeps you smiling! There will be plenty of adults to escort younger Athletes around, and parents are welcome to get involved in this process also.  At the end of the hour, if you wish to stay on, this is not a problem (providing your parents are okay for you to do so!)


We hope to enthuse television, newspapers and radio to look in on us as previous relays. We are contacting them now. if anyone has any personal contacts, then please either share with us, or preferably speak to them yourselves! For this to be the massive success this event deserves, a huge media interest is essential, so the more contacts we have the better


We are speaking with various people now about attending, and hope to confirm names shortly. Again, if you know someone ‘famous’ then please invite them. The more ‘faces’ we can get involved the more interest we can drum up!


Any help we can get to raise money the better. Do you work for a big Company that may be interested in sponsoring? (from just £250 Website logo for a year viewed by 1000+ etc, mentions in newspaper, invites to Awards Evening etc. Do you know anyone who has an interest in sport and may be persuaded into supporting?
Athletes have been asked to raise money themselves (minimum £10 to allow them to take part), with following incentives…


Any athlete raising £30 will be given an event t-shirt. If you know you have raised/will raise this money, please advise us by Sunday 4th February to enable us to order for you.

Any athlete raising £60 will also be presented with a bronze medal in a presentation case at the first available training session after the event.

Any athlete raising £90 will also be presented with a silver medal in a presentation case at the first available training session after the event.

Any athlete raising an amazing £120 will also be presented with a gold medal in a presentation case at the first available training session after the event.

Any athlete raising an astonishing £150+ will also be presented with a personally engraved glass trophy at the first available training session after the event, a mention in the local newspapers, and an invite to attend cheque handover with CHSW


Each lap of the Pier is 700m. Why not set yourself a lap goal, or a distance goal (See below). You can let everyone you know what you are attempting!

3KM (1.8 MILES) 4.3 LAPS
3.5KM (2.1 MILES) 5.0 LAPS
5KM (3.05 MILES) 7.1 LAPS
7KM (4.27 MILES) 10.0 LAPS
8.1KM (5.0 MILES) 11.5 LAPS
10KM (6.1 MILES) 14.3 LAPS
16.2KM (10 MILES) 23.1 LAPS
32.4 KM (20 MILES) 46.2 LAPS


We will email schools with details of the run, and posters (which can be downloaded here). Speak to your teachers if you are planning to run. Ask them to add your name below the poster/add to newsletters etc. Tell them what time you are running and write them a report with photos!


Please share details on social media – facebook/twitter etc – (carefully). Don’t wait until March, start telling them now. Run a countdown. Make it exciting! See if we can get celebrity interest!

See https://www.nsac.org.uk/back-the-track/nsac-24-hour-pier-relay-2020/

See @northsomersetac
Queries to; chrisbtg@blueyonder.co.uk

Join our Facebook Event!


The most important part of the event. There will be a full risk assessment posted on the NSAC & NSAA websites prior to the event, but generally… be sensible! Young Athletes to stay away from the edge, no ‘tomfoolery’ and to respect other Pier users. Young athletes not to run unless an adult is present. If we get this right, then we can look forward to another one in a couple of years. Get it wrong, and we are in trouble! Can adults please remain with us for the duration of their children’s run (or be accessible somewhere on the Pier!) As previously stated, you are welcome to join in!

A full risk assessment can be found here. Make sure you read it ahead of time! 


We have been asked by quite a few
of you whether you can stay all night and help. After taking
advice, the short answer is ‘YES’, providing…

1) You are aged 14+
2) Either your parents stay with you OR you complete our
disclaimer form,  which can be downloaded here.

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