Avon League Round Four Preview

North Somerset AC thought they were sitting pretty at the top of the Avon League with one fixture remaining, but thanks to confusion due to torrential rain, they now sit second behind Yate & District. The final fixture at Yate this weekend. Looks unlikely NSAC will overturn a 150+ point deficit, but you never know!

The first three fixtures have seen one 1st place finish, and two 2nd place finishes.
The under-11 Quadkids team currently lie in 3rd place, with a great chance of finishing 2nd.

Yate showed their intent by winning the first fixture of the season by over 150 points. The gap between NSAC (2nd) and 3rd place Bath was a comfortable 80+ points. Winners on the day;

Eloise E                       U13 Girls               75m                      10.60 seconds
Millie Ro                    U15 Girls               100m                    13.0 seconds
Ruby D                       U13 Girls                High Jump         1.49m
Millie Ro                   U15 Girls                High Jump          1.50m
Phoebe G                 U17 Women        Triple Jump        9.34m
Elliot J                        U13 Boys                800m                   2;28.5 minutes
Graham B                Senior Men            Shot                      9.17m
Graham B               Senior Men             Discus                 23.88m
U13 Boys              4x100m Relay   57.50 seconds

Quadkids results
Sam B                  153 points
Charlie C           203 points
Ewan H              164 points
Joe J                    201 points
Euan M             190 points
Josh P                227 points        * 1st boy overall *

Millie A              87 points
Martha H         196 points *1st girl overall *
Olivia H            176 points
Isobel J            161 points
Eleanor R       120 points
Bella S              125 points

NSAC roared back from their first day disappointment by beating Yate into 2nd by just 36 points. Winners on the day;

Eloise E                 U13 Girls                 75m                             11.0 seconds
Keira D                  U15 Girls                800m                          2;21.5 minutes
Rosa F                   U13 Girls                 Long Jump               4.42m
Hannah Be         U13 Girls                  Discus                        17.48m
Steph B                U17 Women           200m                          27.30 seconds
Steph B                U17 Women          300m Hurdles       47.50 seconds
Chris R                 U15 Boys                200m                         25.30 seconds
Chris R                 U15 Boys                300m                         39.40 seconds
Charlie B            Senior Mens          100m                         11.80 seconds
Ollie L                  U17 Men                 1500m                       4;24.9 minutes
Russ F                  Veteran Mens      1500m                       5;03.2 minutes
Harrison G          U17 Men              High Jump                1.55m
U13 Girls              4x100m Relay         58.50 seconds

Quadkids results
George HP            227 points
Ewan H                   197 points
Josh P                      245 points *1st boy overall *
Ran Y                      172 points
Zach                        168 points

Mia D                  193 points
Martha H         193 points
Heidi M            173 points
Eleanor R        127 points
Isobel W         161 points

What a day! Torrential rain bad enough to stop the pole vault, numbers so wet they were illegible (or just plain fell off!) Added to that the confusion of the final result. At the end of play, NSAC appeared to be 80 points ahead of Yate & District. However, when the provisional results were sent out Yate had won by just 1 point! After scrutinising the results it appeared that around 8 NSAC athletes had not been added (due to weather/number problem) and this once again meant a win for NSAC, before Yate also located areas for correction! So with one match to go Yate are back on top, but expecting an NSAC backlash! The final fixture promises to be epic!

Winners on the day;

Millie Re              U13 Girls                      1200m                      4;16.10 minutes
Ellie S                    U13 Girls                      70m Hurdles         13.60 seconds
Millie Ro             U15 Girls                      High Jump               1.45m
Shelley W           Veteran Women      100m                          16.10 seconds
Nattie S               U17 Women               Javelin                        21.62m
Chris M              Veteran Men                100m                         12.30 seconds
Harrison G        U17 Men                       Long Jump               5.56m


Boys are currently 3rd overall
Alfie F                               188 points
Euan M                            173 points
Josh P                               228 points * 1st boy overall *
Reggie S                         175 points
Ran Y                              152 points
Zach Y                           145 points

Girls are currently 4th overall
Millie A                         115 points
Mia D                            157 points
Olivia H                       172 points
Eleanor R                    33 points
Bella S                          121 points
Isobel W                     155 points