Avon League – Halfway Update!

At the halfway stage of this year’s Avon Track & Field League, North Somerset AC hold the lead position with plenty of clubs snapping at our heels. As has become customary, NSAC’s athletes showed versatility to score points in not only favourite events, but also in less familiar ones, to support the efforts of the Club. Fantastic effort in supporting the athletes from Team Managers, Coaches, Officials, and Volunteers, helping create the environment for success.

The first event was held at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, and saw NSAC kick off the campaign by winning the overall event.  Winners from the event;

Hannah Bolt and Ella Young joint winners of the u17 ladies 100m in 13.60 seconds
Staphanie Brooks u17 ladies 300m (43.80 seconds), High jump (1.35m) and Triple Jump (.9.95 metres)
Chrissie Becker u17 ladies Hammer (31.54 metres)
Sam Holloway u13 boys 800m (2;27.20 minutes)
Chris Millard Vet Mens 100m (12.80 seconds)
Charlie Bates Senior Mens 100m (11.60 seconds)
Ben Hamblin u17 mens 800m (2;06.70 minutes)
Sam Gentry Senior Mens 800m (1;58.70 minutes)
Rich Brunsdon Senior Mens 100m hurdles (21.10 seconds)
Graham Brooks Senior Mens Shot (9.75 metres)
u17 mens relay – James Gentile, Carlos Tailor, Adam Routley, Oliver Davies (47.80 seconds)
Senior mens relay – Rich Brunsdon, Russ Forsbrook, Andy Ballentine, Chris Millard (53.60 seconds)

The second event was held on one of the hottest days of the year, the mercury in excess of 30 degrees, at Filton College WISE Campus. NSAC finished second to a strong Team Bath Team, but the second place finish ensure they remain top, just ahead of Yate and District. Winners on the day as follows;

Nyree Perry u13 girls Long Jump (4.58 seconds) and Discus (16.55 metres)
Izzy Hellings u15 girls Discus (22.80 metres)
Stephanie Brooks u15 girls 300m hurdles (47.40 seconds)
Sam Holloway u13 boys 1500m (5;07.40 minutes)
Alex Davies u13 boys High Jump (1.30 metres)
Chris Millard Vet Mens 100m (11.70 seconds) * NEW NATIONAL RECORD FOR M50 *
Russ Forsbrook Vet Mens 1500m (4;45.90 minutes)

The under-11 team compete at Quadkids (Standing Long Jump, 75m sprint, Howler throw and 600m) scoring points for themselves and the team. NSAC currently sit 3rd Overall (Boys 2nd at Yate, and 3rd at Filton – Girls 4th at Yate and 2nd Filton). Outstanding performances as follows;

Gabriel Garrett 207 points at Yate
Reuben Wadey 210 points at Yate
Leo Egginton 204 points at Filton
Gabriel Garrett 224 points at Filton
Reuben Wadey 214 points at Filton

Livi Sherlock 206 points at Yate
Livi Sherlock 211 points at Filton

Personal Bests from the following at Filton;


Keira Duncan in 75M and 150M
Lily Whaley in 75M and long jump
Rosa Ford in 75M
Matilda Ballentine in 800M and shot put at new weight
Nyree Perry in long jump and discus which was a new event – won both events

Bonita Williams in 100M and 200M
Olivia Young in 200M – new event for her
Ella Johnston in 800M
Mary Hemmings in long jump – new event for her
Daisy Manners-Lolley shot put and discus both at new weights


Hannah Bolt 100M
Ella Young 100M and long jump
Lottie Milnes 200M – welcome return to the track
Natasha Statham 300m hurdles PB at a new event
Stephanie Brooks 300m hurdles PB at a new event – won the event (new club record)
Alysha Forsbrook 300m hurdles PB at a new event
4 x 100M relay team new PB

Senior Women

Pip Mannings in both 100M and 200M
Alys Withers – welcome return to the track (no PB but nice to mention)
Laura Statham shot put and discus
Ceran Brooks in shot put and discus
4 x 100M relay team new PB