Avon County Championships

Head Coach Chris Millard was delighted at the efforts of the young North Somerset AC athletes at the County Championships in Yate. The target of 60 medals was easily surpassed, with a total of 65 won.

“I am most pleased at the variety of events that the medals were won. From pole vault, through sprints, hurdles, throws and endurance, we had medals winners in all of them. It was also pleasing to see some new names coming through and surprising themselves with their performances” Medal winners as follows;


Sophie Parker u15 girls 75m hurdles 11.64 seconds
Ollie Lock u13 boys 1500m 4;56.74 minutes
Adam Major u15 boys 800m 2;11.22 minutes
Sam Gentry u15 boys 1500m 4;31.07 minutes
Pippa Mannings senior ladies 200m 44.03 seconds
Harriet Emery u15 girls 800m 2;17.78 minutes
Natasha Statham u13 girls discus 18.76m
Natasha Statham u13 girls High jump 1.25m
Natasha Statham u13 girls shot 6.78m
Chris Burton u15 boys discus 14.48m
Ollie Lock u13 boys 800m 2;33.66 minutes
Jack Panicucci u15 boys long jump 4.44m
Jaylan Bacon u15 boys shot 9.73m
Harrison Nash u15 boys triple jump 9.11m
Emma Bakare u15 girls long jump 5.06m
Caroline Walder u15 girls pole vault 2.83m
Emma Bakare u15 girls shot 10.92m
Mollie Chapman u17 ladies high jump 1.44m
Mollie Chapman u17 ladies shot 8.43m
Tom Clarke u20 mens javelin 33.10m


Sarah Smith u17 ladies 100m 12.87 seconds
Joe Gentry u17 men 800m 2;05.24 minutes
Charlie Bates u15 boys 100m 12.14 seconds
Pippa Mannings senior ladies 100m 19.83 seconds
Sam Gentry u15 boys 800m 2;17.50 minutes
Francesca Allen u20 ladies 100m 13.28 seconds
Caroline Walder u15 girls 75m hurdles 12.24 seconds
Alice Bridger Morales u13 girls 1500m 5;27.31 minutes
Harriet Emery u15 girls 1500m 4;54.89 minutes
Lottie Milnes u13 girls 200m 30.46 seconds
Isaac Barr u15 boys 200m 24.93 seconds
Sarah Smith u17 ladies 200m 26.34 seconds
Francesca Allen u20 ladies 200m 27.75 seconds
Charlie Bates u15 boys 300m 38.45 seconds
Ben Clarke u13 boys long jump 4.16m
George Taylor u13 boys shot 7.01m
Christina Becker u13 girls discus 16.42m
Eleanor Redman u13 girls high jump 1.15m
Christina Becker u13 girls shot 5.88m
Sam Gentry u15 boys high jump 1.40m
Jack Panicucci u15 boys javelin 23.81m
Harrison Nash u15 boys long jump 3.88m
Chris Burton u15 boys shot 5.98m
Jake Middleton u17 men long jump 5.70m
 Amy JAckson u17 ladies discus 23.56m
Tom Clarke u20 mens discus 21.20m


Alys Withers u17 ladies 800m 2;25.13 minutes
Micky Power u13 boys 100m 14.21 seconds
Isaac Barr u15 boys 100m 12.25 seconds
Hannah Bolt u13 girls 70m hurdles 13.29 seconds
Callum Smith u15 boys 800m 2;20.61 minutes
Micky Power u13 boys 75m hurdles 15.79 seconds
Rosie Whitehead u15 girls 1500m 4;56.91 minutes

Callum Smith u15 boys 1500m 4;41.10 minutes
Rosie Whitehead u15 girls 2;22.89 minutes
Tilly Smale u13 girls 200m 30.67 seconds
Maisie Flower u15 girls 200m 27.71 seconds
Jack Preistley u15 boys 200m 25.68 seconds
Isobel Hellings u13 girls discus 14.06m
Tilly Smale u13 girls long jump 4.01m
Charlotte Ross u13 girls shot 4.95m
Jaylan Bacon u15 boys high jump 1.50m
Chris Burton u15 boys javelin 15.56m
Oliver Cunningham u15 boys long jump 3.47