Athletes Shine in Poor Conditions

A major push to encourage athletes to compete across the region has begun with 3 early season events being attended by over 30 athletes. The weather’s not been great, cold and windy, but great to get some results on the board to build from;

Tim L – u20 men Long Jump 5.32m

Esther L – u20 women Pole Vault 3.40m

Emma B – u20 women Triple Jump 11.24m


Charlie B – u20 men 100m 12.08 secs     200m 24.67 secs

Harrison G – u17 men Long Jump 5.67m     100m 12.87 secs     800m 2;20.19 mins

James G – u17 men 100m 12.93 secs     200m 27.24 secs

George I – u15 boys 100m 14.50 secs     80m hurdles 14.07 secs     high jump 1.40m

Tom B – u13 boys 100m 14.72 secs     75m hurdles 15.60 secs     long jump 4.00m

Jacob F – u13 boys 100m 16.94 secs     800m 3;01.13 mins     high jump 1.15m

Alysha F – u17 women 100m 15.69 secs

Femke L – u13 girls 100m 17.51 secs     200m 38.12 secs

Euan M – u13 boys 600m 2;27.54 mins     long jump 2.72m

Lyla B – u13 girls 800m 2;54.97 mins     shot 5.20m

Ollie C – u15 boys 800m 2;22.83 mins

Sam H – u15 boys 800m 2;27.16 mins

Will M – u15 boys 800m 2;24.00 mins

Emily F – u15 girls 1500m 6;26.96 mins

Louie B – u15 boys 3000m 10;35.36 mins

Steph B – u17 women 300m hurdles 50.10 secs

Freya H – u15 girls shot 8.45m     discus 23.05m

Martha H – u11 girls 75m 11.7 secs     600m 2;10.6 mins

Isobel J – u11 girls 75m 12.7 secs     600m 2;25.0 mins

Jacob F – u13 boys 100m 16.2 secs     2;53.3 mins

Reuben W – u13 boys 100m 14.3 secs     200m 30.0 secs

Oliver S – u13 boys 100m 15.8 secs     long jump 2.83m

Chloe LC – u13 girls 100m 14.9 secs     200m 33.4 secs

Rosa F – u13 girls 100m 14.4 secs     long jump 4.10m

Niamh S – u13 girls 100m 18.0 secs

Ellie S – u13 girls 100m 15.0 secs     long jump 3.78m

Issy W – u11 girls 150m 25.9 secs     600m 2;18.2 mins

Ben K – u13 boys 200m 33.4 secs     600m 3;00.9 mins

Elliot J – u13 boys 200m 29.9 secs     800m 2;32.4 mins

Patrick H – u13 boys 200m 32.4 secs     800m 2;45.5 mins

Joe S – u13 boys 200m 34.3 secs     800m 2;44.2 mins

Conor H – u13 boys 800m 2;50.0 mins     long jump 4.39m

Harry S – 2;45.5 mins     long jump 3.25m

Lyla B – 2;52.9 mins     shot 4.63m

Well done all, great to see the blue and white across the area… hopefully more athletes will join you at future events!