Club Officials

Please aim to contact the individual who deals with the specific Area you require.

Club President

Richard Whitehead MBE

 Penny Mannings

Vice Chair

Chris Millard

Club Head Coach

Chris Millard

Lead  Endurance Coaches

Steve Hollier – Seniors

Julian Emery – Juniors


Miriam Payne

Club Secretary
 Martin Bates

Membership Secretary

Shane Cox

NSSP Liaison

Chris Millard

Welfare Officers

Penny Mannings

Track & Field Team


 Nicola Sherlock

Chris Millard

U13 Boys

Russ Forsbrook

U13 Girls

 Shane Cox

U15 Boys

 Rich Brunsden

U15 Girls

 Debbie Brooks

U17 Boys

Sarah Leong

U17 Girls

 Mel Callas

YDL U17/20 (Avon)

Chris Millard

U20 & Seniors

Chris Millard
T & F Lge Liaison

XC  Coordinators

Steve Parsons

Officials Coordinator
Martin Bates

Bookings & logistics
 Chris Millard, Sam Allen, Debbie Brooks

Volunteer Coordinators

Communications Manager
Sophie Millard

Club Kit

Sophie Millard/ Shane Cox

Fundraising Matters
 Chris Millard

Back The Track Enquiries

Athletics Weekly Development Club of the Year