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North Somerset AC Shine in Newport

Competing in one of the hottest June days North Somerset AC knew that they had to defeat Rhymney Valley AC in this fixture to secure a place in the promotion play off match in the middle of July.

It was clear from the first event that the top three teams in this division where up for the challenge with Team Bath AC hoping to secure first place.  However after the first ten of the 57 events it was North Somerset AC with a slight lead over their main rivals.  This lead was maintained for most of the afternoon, it wasn’t until the last few events that Team Bath AC overtook North Somerset AC and then it was a battle to see who would finish second in this division.

The club had a few debutantes in this fixture and they performed heroically alongside regular competitors to try and push the club into that second place.  During the course of the day the club had 40 PB’s evenly split across the team.  Not one athlete deserves to be highlighted as all of the team competed in not just their own preferred event but also stepping into unfamiliar territory to gain those much needed points as well as becoming cheer leaders whilst not competing.

With just the relays remaining North Somerset knew that they needed to get the baton round in the final five events to qualify for the play off final which they did in spectacular style with two wins, two second places and a third.  This left the club just 36.5 points clear of Rhymney Valley AC in second place to secure those all important league points to finish in second place in the division behind Team Bath AC.

With all the results compiled the play off final will be in Swindon on the 15 July and North Somerset AC will be competing against South Wales, Bristol and West/Mendip AC, Team Bath AC, Swindon Harriers AC, Cardiff AAC and Cheltenham and County Harriers in what could be described as a true M4 derby to try and gain promotion for the 2018 season into the Midland South/West Premier League.

Many congratulations to all the team James, Harrison, Sam P, Christian, Cameron, Lewis, Ashya, Henry, Rosie, Hannah, Stella, Stephanie, Chelsea, Connie, Alysha, Ruth, Holly A, Phoebe, Chrissie, Oliver C, Yannis, Myles, Nathan, William, Oliver H, Louie, Sam H, Ben, Mary, Olivia Y, Holly G, Keira Du, Lily, Daisy, Abigail, Keira De, Poppy and Bonita.

A huge thank you to all those that volunteered not just as officials (which did give us another 55 valuable points) but also team managers in organising their teams superbly but also to all the parents and siblings that came to support the team, with this support we wouldn’t have done so well.

If anyone has any photos from the event that they are willing to share with the club then please use our Twitter feed of @NorthSomersetAC.  Looking forward to the final in Swindon, but before then is the first Avon League fixture on 9 July which could give us a first indication of the true strength of Bristol and West and Team Bath.



NSAC came out on top in this terrific event. With four Clubs going at it ‘hammer and tongs’, the result was in the balance right up until the relays.

Home club Yate & District were expected to be victorious in this fixture, and despite a strong challenge finished fourth behind South Wales (2nd) and North Devon (2nd). The margin of 33 points (515 to 482) looks convincing, but was anything but for most of the afternoon. This was thanks to every single NSAC athlete scoring points, filling in where possible and fighting for everything. Having been second in the first two fixtures by just 1 point and 3 points respectively, there was a determination that this would not happen again! Athletes that had competed at the previous day’s South West Schools event turned up and gave their best also. Great team ethic! The league table looks promising with NSAC now leading by two points from the South Wales team. For NSAC to win the league overall a second place or better finish at Yeovil on 18th July is required. Results as follows;


100m – Jack Priestley (a) 2nd 12.1 seconds; Isaac Barr (b) 1st 12.2 seconds
200m – Jack Priestley (a) 2nd 24.8 seconds; Isaac Barr (b) 1st 24.9 seconds
300m – Adam Major (a) 2nd 40.2 seconds; Jack Major (b) 3rd 47.7 seconds
800m – Jaylan Bacon (a) 1st 2;07.9 minutes; Adam Major (b) 1st 2;10.2 minutes
1500m – Jack Wilkinson (a) 6th 4;55.7 minutes; Oliver Davies (b) 4th 5;47.3 minutes
80m Hurdles – Henry Cox (a) 2nd 12.9 seconds; Jaylan Bacon (b) 1st 13.2 seconds
Discus – Fred North (a) 3rd 24.48 metres; Chris Burton (b) 4th 15.20 metres
Hammer – Fred North (a) 3rd 15.96 metres; Jack Major (b) 1st 14.73 metres
Javelin – Jack Panicucci (a) 5th 24.67 metres; Adam Major (b) 4th 3.16 metres
Shot – Jack Priestley (a) 6th 7.84 metres; Chris Burton (b) 6th 5.70 metres
Long Jump – Fred North (a) 1st 5.01 metres; Jack Panicucci (b) 1st 5.00 metres
High Jump – Jack Panicucci (a) 2nd 1.43 metres
Pole Vault – Oliver Davies (a) 1st 2.05 metres
4x100m – 1st 49.5 seconds


100m – Ben Clarke (a) 5th 14.9 seconds; Ethan Coffman (b) 3rd 14.4 seconds
200m – Jacob Badman (a) 5th 29.5 seconds; Ethan Coffman (b) 3rd 30.5 seconds
800m – Oliver Brown (a) 6th 3;07.2 minutes; Sebbie Allen (b) 4th 3;17.9 minutes
1500m – Cameron Baker-Perry (a) 5th 6;07.5 minutes; Jacob Badman (b) 3rd 6;15.7 minutes
75m hurdles – Micky Power (a) 4th 15.5 seconds; Sam Payne (b) 2nd 15.9 seconds
Javelin – Sebbie Allen (a) 3rd 13.57 metres; Oliver Brown (b) 6th 7.40m
Shot – Ben Clarke (a) 6th 5.52 metres; Sebbie Allen (b) 4th 4.75 metres
Long Jump – Ben Clarke (a) 5th 4.13 metres; Sam Payne (b) 3rd 3.83 metres
High Jump – Sam Payne (a) 2nd 1.25 metres; Jacob Badman (b) 1.20 metres
4x100m – 4th 60.0 seconds


100m – Catherine Wesbroom Warr (a) 3rd 13.8 seconds; Georgia Houston (b) 2nd 13.7 seconds
200m – Natalie Major (a) 5th 30.9 seconds; Esme McGowan (b) 5th 31.2 seconds
300m – Harriet Emery (a) 2nd 43.9 seconds; Lauren Ashurst (b) 2nd 46.4 seconds
800m – Olivia Burton (a) 1st 2;30.2 minutes; Lucy Maine (b) 1st 2;36.6 minutes
1500m – Rosie Whitehead (a) 1st 5;02.8 minutes; Nelly Bridger Morales (b) 1st 5;19.0 minutes
75m hurdles – Sophie Parker (a) 1st 11.8 seconds; Caroline Walder (b) 1st 12.5 seconds
Discus – Polly Smale (a) 3rd 14.89 metres; Natalie Major (b) 3rd 10.31 metres
Hammer – Esme McGowan (a) 3rd 13.60 metres; Natalie Major (b) 5th 9.52 metres
Javelin – Polly Smale (a) 2nd 21.84 metres
Shot – Emma Bakare (a) 2nd 11.11 metres; Lucy Maine (b) 3rd 5.98 metres
Long Jump – Emma Bakare (a) 2nd 4.89 metres; Georgia Houston (b) 2nd 3.74 metres
High Jump – Caroline Walder (a) 3rd 1.30 metres
Pole Vault – Caroline Walder (a) 1st 2.92 metres
4x100m – 3rd 55.8 seconds
4x300m – 1st 3;10.0 minutes


75m – Tilly Smale (a) 4th 11.2 seconds; Grace Ashurst (b) 4th 11.6 seconds
150m – Lottie Milnes (a) 2nd 21.4 seconds; Tilly Smale (b) 1st 21.7 seconds
800m – Lottie Milnes (a) 4th 2;55.9 minutes; Ellie Redman (b) 4th 2;59.3 minutes
1200m – Alice Bridger Morales (a) 4;14.7 minutes; Connie Ballentine (b) 4th 4;29.7 minutes
70m hurdles – Jess Windsor (a) 6th 16.7 seconds
Javelin – Nattie Statham (a) 1st 24.31 metres
Shot – Nattie Statham (a) 1st 6.67 metres; Connie Ballentine (b) 2nd 4.80 metres
Long Jump – Jess Windsor (a) 1st 4.00 metres; Tilly Smale (b) 1st 3.89 metres
High Jump – Lottie Milnes (a) 4th 1.25 metres; Nattie Statham (b) 1st 1.20 metres
4x100m – 3rd 60.4 seconds

YDL LAG at Cardiff (MAY 2015)

Head Coach Chris Millard made the National Youth Development League the club’s priority this season, wanting to cement the Club’s standing as the top junior club in the Region.

First stop, South Wales.

A thoroughly disgusting day’s weather in Cardiff met Athletes and spectators alike. Wet, windy and cold. Not exactly summer weather, but an enjoyable day’s Athletics nonetheless. A second place finish to host club South Wales AC the reward for the small band of athletes who travelled across the bridge and braved the weather. A genuine opportunity for NSAC to win the league this year and return to the upper echelons. Event winners as follows;

Jack Priestley – u15 boys 100m (a) 12.39 seconds
Jack Panicucci – u15 boys 100m (b) 12.88 seconds
Charlie Bates – u15 boys 200m (b) 24.88 seconds
Adam Major – u15 boys 800m (a) 2;10.90 minutes
Callum Smith – u15 boys 800m (b) 2;18.80 minutes
Fred North – u15 boys Discus (a) 24.63 metres
Fred North – u15 boys Long Jump (a) 4.91 metres
Ollie Lock – u13 boys 1500m (a) 5;00.67 minutes
Lauren Ashurst – u15 girls 800m (a) 2;26.06 minutes
Olivia Burton – u15 girls 800m (b) 2;23.63 minutes
Lucy Maine – u15 girls 1500m (b) 5;31.81 minutes
Sophie Parker – u15 girls 75m hurdles (a) 11.80 seconds
Caroline Walder – u15 girls 75m hurdles (b) 12.51 seconds
Nattie Statham – u15 girls High Jump (a) 1.26m
The next event sees the team travelling to Braunton in North Devon at the end of the month